A safe and welcoming place

Our Canberra centre is a safe and welcoming place where people can address key issues including relationship breakdown as well as social and financial exclusion.

Many people face issues that are complex, which can feel overwhelming and difficult to work through. Some of our clients also live with disadvantage, and when faced with so much, the burden can be heavy.

It is here where we strive to create a place of hope, where the individuality of every person is respected, people’s strengths are acknowledged and where we provide pathways to rebuild and transform lives in a holistic way. 

What we do

No Interest Loans

Giving individuals and families access to safe and affordable loans

Our No Interest Loans are absolutely free of interest, fees, charges or penalties. They’re about giving individuals and families access to safe and affordable loans for everyday items such as white goods, car repairs, school uniforms, computers and medical bills.

People with poor credit history, or a string of bad debt and no spare cash, really struggle to find the funds for these every day or emergency costs, which can lead to substantial hardship. This basic financial support means that individuals and families are able to look towards their future, with a loan that empowers them, rather than adding to the cycle of debt.

Tara's Angels

Our Tara's Angels case workers walk with women, mentoring and empowering them with practical and reliable support.

Tara’s Angels provides support to women in the ACT who have experienced domestic and family violence with up to two years of post-crisis support, helping women to connect with local agencies and services, and rebuild their life. 

Recovery after the impact and trauma of domestic and family violence is complex and long term. Women often feel vulnerable when dealing with the ongoing legal, financial, housing and social needs of the family. Our Tara’s Angels come alongside women and children, to help them rebuild their lives and to have new choices.  In working with their choices, our focus remains constant - our priority is always their safety and wellbeing.

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Domestic Violence Counselling

Helping women rebuild their lives and find hope for the future.

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