Urban Education and Internship

Urban Education Program

The heartbeat of our Urban Education program is to:

  • Educate people about the challenges that exist in Sydney's inner-city marginalised communities, including homelessness, mental health and employment difficulties
  • Experience what we do and the community we serve in
  • Encourage participants to love their neighbour wherever they are


We do this in four main ways:

1. Urban Walk

We take groups of about 10-15 for a walk through the community of Woolloomooloo.

We share stories, history and current realities of those living in the area.

You will see firsthand the contrast of living standards within the one area, and the segregation between the classes represented.

Our walks give people an insight into marginalised people groups in Sydney.


2. Night at the Cathedral

Come and spend an afternoon, evening and night in Woolloomooloo.

A Night at the Cathedral is an opportunity to discover how hard it can be for many of our homeless at night.

You will get a taste of the unpredictability of rough sleeping, whilst in the safety of a HopeStreet building.

This program includes a workshop and Urban Walk as part of the experience.


3. Workshops

We have created workshops that help participants understand marginalised people groups who are experiencing challenges and hardships on the edge of society.

These workshops are interactive and provide first hand insights into how difficult it can be for people in marginalised communities, to get out of their situations including the effect mental health can have on people.

Our workshops also look at social justice and what can be done to help others in any community.


4. We come to you

If you can’t make it to Woolloomooloo, we would love to come to your organisation, church or school and share about the community of inner Sydney with you.

We do this through workshops, speaking engagements and education seminars.


We invite all types of groups to experience our Urban Education Program:

  • Corporate Organisations
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Youth Groups
  • Churches
  • Any other group

Ryan, our educator, loves nothing more than having a good chat, so give him a call on 0466 524 153 or email [email protected]

Urban Internship Program

We also have a one year Urban Internship program open to current college students studying a course related to urban mission. In partnership with Morling College and Woolloomooloo Baptist Church, the HopeStreet Urban Internship program is an opportunity to put into practice knowledge and skills being developed in the classroom.

  • IMMERSION: Be a part of long term community work that allows for genuine relationship and trust to be built.
  • EXPERIENCE: Grapple with seemingly abstract theology and the practical tasks of ministry in an urban setting through work in Woolloomooloo Baptist Church and HopeStreet's Community Development program.
  • EQUIPPING: Gain skills and understanding required to run urban outreach programs.

 A HopeStreet Urban Internship provides training and experience for effective service in urban mission.


  1. Be studying a course relevant to urban missions at Morling College or similar institution.
  2. Be able to commit to serving at HopeStreet and Woolloomooloo Baptist Church 2 days per week.

Cost and Inclusions

The $3,325 participation fee includes

  •  In-House Training Program
  • Ministry Program
  • Retreats
  • Melbourne Urban Mission Intensive Experience

You can also select to live in onsite accmodation for the year with other interns for an additional $3,640.

Apply Now

Applications for 2018 are due Monday 30th October 2017. To download an application form, click here.

If you have any questions or need any additional info, please contact Ryan, on 0466 524 153 or email [email protected].