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"My priority has always been my child's safety..."

Mental illness had crept its way into Amie’s former relationship with her ex-partner and it continued to be an ongoing issue for him.

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Driving Freedom: One mother's journey

It was during those six months of homelessness that Joanie had a car accident, and her trusted transport was no longer.

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Women's Services report into migrant sex workers

BaptistCare HopeStreet has released the findings from its Women’s Services division’s first research report on Sydney’s sex industry, providing insights into the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women working in the city’s lower-end brothels.

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When drought is but one cause in our farmers’ fight for survival

Farming families across the state continue to face the ‘most severe drought conditions in 120 years of records^’ on top of everything else they encounter in the human experience.

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A war on waste to feed those in need

In Australia, nearly four million people experience food insecurity each year and one quarter of these are children. It’s a shocking thought when you consider that in the same timeframe we could fill 9,000 Olympic swimming pools with the food waste ending up in our landfill.

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Support Farmers In Dubbo

As reported by the Daily Liberal, BaptistCare HopeStreet in Dubbo is holding a special event on 11 October at Memorial Park, Tottenham for the farming communities of Tottenham and Gulargambone.

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I support causes I care about

The service provides women in the ACT who have experienced domestic and family violence with up to two years of post-crisis support through caseworkers, who walk alongside them - mentoring and empowering - with practical and reliable support.

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Creating a safe place to land

This includes poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues.

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When winning is losing out: Gambling wasting our youth

And not just exposed to it… with the convenience of smart phones and betting apps, gambling is now accessible at the tap of a screen. The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation says they are ‘the first generation to be exposed to the saturation of online betting products.’

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Breaking barriers leads to choice and belonging for Sydney’s CALD sex workers

In response to this, BaptistCare HopeStreet Women’s Services offer free English classes and employ staff who speak multiple languages so they can deliver services to enhance community, connection, opportunity and choice.

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Nurturing mums & bubs through Music+Moves

Delivered in partnership with Eastlakes Youth Centre, Music + Moves brings together a select and intimate group of women and their little ones to create connection through music, support and education in a loving and safe environment.

Homelessness Week Blog 2019

I didn't decide to become homeless

It’s so common and confronting that our eyes have become trained to slide over each person we see living on the street; we sidestep someone stepping forward with their hand outstretched before we even realise what we’re doing; we avert our eyes when we sense that someone’s gaze is fixed...

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Vote Now For HopeStreet's 'My Community Project'

Voting is now open and BaptistCare HopeStreet needs community support for the grassroots programs they have developed, to give people and families a hand up when they need it.

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Hope Narratives - an anthology of stories

Jess Davidson, Women’s Services Manager, shares the journey of this stereotype-shattering publication.

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My name is Naomi

Despite the hardships, Naomi fell in love with a man living in the refugee camp. She had dreamed of a future away from her past and at the age of 30, Naomi came to Australia to marry and start a new life.

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The impact of stigma

Discrimination can also lead to rejected rental applications, abuse from others and the pervasive sense that society has judged and defined them by what they do, without knowing who they are.

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It’s a long journey home from homelessness, particularly as the cold sets in this winter

The tragic loss of the man she loved opened Jan up to be abused by another, who robbed her of her worldly possessions and in fleeing him, she found herself living in her car on the streets with her loyal old dog, Shy.

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More than a statistic – Tara was one of our own

February 28, 2019, marked the four-year anniversary of one of the most heinous crimes of domestic and family violence; the heartbreaking death of one of our valued BaptistCare employees.

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“It’s a leg up, not just a hand out.”

When Lisa was introduced to fair finance through BaptistCare HopeStreet, she had gained access to public housing and was planning to move in. First, she needed to purchase a fridge and some furnishings.

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No Interest Loan Scheme a ‘no brainer’

In regional communities, having a strong support network or staying in touch with family and friends is an essential part of belonging and feeling connected.

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Heartbroken And Seeking Hope

Alone in a new place, Doug faced heartache and loneliness. He hadn’t seen his two daughters for quite some time, and was suffering from the pain and disappointment of the separation from them. He was also struggling with the feelings brought about through the bitter end to his marriage.


HopeStreet Champions

In true partnership with HopeStreet, Alma seeks to understand the community needs for each collection and ensures the church contributions meet these needs, both on time and in abundance.


The Joy Of Owning A Refrigerator

Now, thanks to BaptistCare’s No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS), Lee is the proud owner of a new, reliable Westinghouse fridge.


A Woman’s Strength

Every woman who accesses HopeStreet services has her own story, her own strengths, and her own motivations to bring about change.

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How I see hope in disadvantage

A pastor for 16 years, Darren has worked in Newcastle with BaptistCare for 5 years, which launched its new-look premises BaptistCare HopeStreet: Windale in September 2018.A self-confessed Microsoft Excel geek, he lives with his four children and beautiful wife in sunny Newcastle. In becoming part of the Windale community, Darren...

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Tara’s Formula

Every day she manages the needs of her family of five: juggling school runs, caring for her baby, balancing the household budget and finding ways to get fresh and affordable food.

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Domestic Violence is More Than Skin Deep

For most Australians, bruises and black eyes are the tell-tale signs of domestic violence. But what if every Australian could see the signs of abuse that can run much deeper than physical violence?

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Gambling Awareness Week 2018

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is a great time to check in on your gambling. A NSW Government initiative, Australians are being urged to stop and think about their own gambling practices and start a conversation with family and friends during 8-14 October.

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Stories Of Hope Showcased At HopeStreet Event In Hunter

Shane and Faith, who specialise in community projects, helped to commemorate the milestone day by creating an inspirational mural and community art piece at the HopeStreet BaptistCare launch event. compress image


I’m an average woman, who has lived a somewhat sheltered and privileged life. Now, I lead a team of dedicated and extraordinary people striving to improve the lives of women working in Sydney’s sex industry, and my day-to-day life has changed in ways I wasn’t prepared for.

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People Like Us

It is a place of belonging. Within its walls, women experiencing the challenges of homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, social isolation and the stigma of being associated with the sex industry, can connect with each other and our HopeStreet team.


HopeStreet Gives Lee A New Start

Isolated and knowing no one, Lee’s first sense of belonging was when she arrived on the doorstep of BaptistCare HopeStreet to buy some low-cost food.

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Vets Helping Pets

Yet pet owners who are experiencing homelessness or housing stress and living with limited socio-economic resources struggle when their furry friends become ill or injured and need expensive veterinary care.

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This is what I see, and this is why I have hope.

“Inevitably, when asked about my work at HopeStreet, people are prepared to hear stories of sorrow, hardship and despair. And those stories certainly come to mind pretty quickly.


Lost in Translation

Hope is a powerful motivator; it inspires, strengthens and emboldens. It is hope which gives people the courage to leave their home country and seek a new life in Australia. Hope which quiets the fears that arise at the thought of travelling across the world and leaving behind all you...

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Mum Shares Brave Story With Kidspot Podcast

The Kidspot Juggling Act podcast, hosted by Mel Wilson and Cassie Hamer, recently spoke with a BaptistCare HopeStreet client, Rachel*, who accessed BaptistCare's domestic violence supported accommodation after she and her children left their home following years of violence.


One in four Australians struggle to afford food or pay bills

In the eyes of Craig Budden, centre manager for one of the Hunter’s three BaptistCare HopeStreet locations, that percentage is simply “too high”.

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HopeStreet welcomes homelessness funding

Homelessness is a complex and multifaceted issue affecting an increasing number of Australians. While there are many catalysts and considerations at play, HopeStreet particularly welcomes the government’s focus on women experiencing domestic violence, and affirms that whatever policies the NSW Government puts in place, women’s safety should be the priority.

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Halo Ball Brings Hope

The important fundraising event, hosted by BaptistCare at Doltone House Darling Island Wharf in Pyrmont, encouraged guests to recognise the often voiceless victims of domestic and family violence: the children.


Meet the woman trying to end family violence in one generation

"Without intervention, most of these kids will go on to either be victims or perpetrators of family violence," Lesley Robson says sadly, and it's a chilling thought.


Partnering With Kidspot In #couchandacuppa Campaign

Partnering with BaptistCare, the campaign features the opportunity for people to donate to BaptistCare’s Break Free program, an early intervention program that works with children to rebuild their lives and focus on a future free from the trauma of domestic and family violence.m

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Making the most of the most important meal

In a day and age where school mornings seem like a mad dash for the door, Gaynor understands the importance of a sit-down meal. She’s seen the result of it on up to forty children on any given school day over the last four years.

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Changing lives on both sides of the Bain Marie

BaptistCare Port Kembla impacts an average of 70 lives daily in the area as a safe and welcoming place where people living with disadvantage can address key issues and meet their basic needs. We hear how it helps everyday. What’s not so common is the stories and paths that lead...

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BaptistCare Takes Pledge To End Homelessness In The Hunter

Rob Ellis, BaptistCare General Manager for HopeStreet Community Services said signing the pledge is another step for the organisation, which has been active in the Hunter region for decades, playing its part in taking action to reduce homelessness.

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Homelessness is not just a big issue in the City

You try to settle your debts and move into town but the cost of living is beyond your means. Your particular skillset isn't exactly what employers are looking for. You're staring down the barrel of retirement without a job, savings or super, and it's terrifying because you realise you're on...

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Minister officially opens HopeStreet Women's Centre

The new Women’s Centre has been designed as a safe space where marginalised women in Sydney’s inner city can access free and confidential professional support. Women, including transgender women, will be able to access a range of practical services including:

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Bank Boost Helps Kids Break Free

Recognised as a crucial service for the community, BaptistCare’s Break Free program in Campbelltown will receive $3,000 per year from the Commonwealth Bank Community Grants scheme, over the next three years.

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From The Ground Up: David's Journey To Employment

Born on a dairy farm in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands in 1964, David, a self-described ‘prodigal son’ moved to Australia in 1981. After decades of work in construction and security his life changed dramatically when he found himself without work and without a home. He experienced homelessness for over...


$10 Million Microfinance Milestone Reached

In the ten years since the organisation commenced its microfinance program, BaptistCare HopeStreet has delivered no-interest and low-interest loans to people experiencing significant financial distress, supporting communities, families and vulnerable people as they strive for financial stability.


Entertainment Lineup For Third Annual Halo Ball

BaptistCare has been supporting women and children fleeing violent and oppressive relationships for more than 30 years and has been at the forefront of national debate on how to bring an end to family violence.

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Breaking Shackles Of Stigma

The Community Centre plays an integral role in the Newcastle suburb as safe and welcoming place for people who are homeless or individuals and families living on the margins.