Children affected by domestic and family violence will have increased access to ongoing support thanks to a new Grassroots Grant from the Commonwealth Bank.

Recognised as a crucial service for the community, BaptistCare’s Break Free program in Campbelltown will receive $3,000 per year from the Commonwealth Bank Community Grants scheme, over the next three years.

The Grant will support the Break Free program in providing help for children as they overcome the trauma, sense of loss, and lingering grief experienced as a result of witnessing or being victim to domestic and family violence.

The program is run by BaptistCare’s Domestic Violence Accommodation Services, which provides accommodation and support for women and children who have become homeless due to domestic and family violence.

Previously focused on education around safety and healthy relationships for the children, the three year funding boost will enable an expansion of the Break Free program to include tutoring and educational resources.

“We find that children, who are coping with violence, are impacted in all areas of their lives. They have had to leave their home; many have changed schools a number of times. They are bullied at school, have low literacy levels, and struggle with school work,” said Lesley Robson, BaptistCare Community Manager.

“The additional funding will help us to give these children extra support, a safe and stable place in which to learn, and the chance to build confidence in this important aspect of their young lives,” Ms Robson said.

BaptistCare’s team involved in the Break Free program have seen a reduction in violence towards women and children, a growth in the opportunities available to these young people, and increased hope in them growing into a more positive and fulfilling adult life.

The Commonwealth Bank’s commitment to supporting the financial sustainability of community organisations, such as the BaptistCare Break Free program, will enable this important work to continue over the longer term.

Since 2007, the Commonwealth Bank has awarded more than $20 million in grants to 1,730 organisations nationwide, supporting a range of youth programs focused on health, education and social inclusion.