For any family, the very thought of the car registration coming up for renewal or a washing machine breaking down is enough to induce anxiety.

Now imagine you’ve got six kids. A car is a valuable commodity when there’s school, dance lessons and football training to get to. And the never-ending pile of dirty laundry needs no incentive to grow.

Kerry*, mum of six children (between the ages of fifteen and two), has deeply appreciated having access to a lifeline over the last ten years in the form of No Interest Loans (NILS) from BaptistCare.

“It’s really, really good to have NILS and know I’m not going to be worse off for it. The fact that I can pay for the car rego when I need to and afford to pay the loan off in my time,” said Kerry. Kerry finds the fair finance loans easy to repay. “It’s only ever $40 a fortnight, or $20 a week, so I like to pay it at $50 a week or so, so I can get another one if it’s necessary.”

“As a lump sum, regos are a lot of money! So it provides peace of mind to think that when the rego is coming up, I don’t need to stress or go without. I just know it must be time for my NILS loan.”

This process has served Kerry and her family well on multiple occasions beyond vehicle registration. “I’ve been able to use it in heaps of ways. I used it to furnish my first house when I had nothing. I was at university for a while and I literally had $1,000 worth of books to buy, so I was able to use it for that.

I’ve also now got a reliable $1,000 washing machine. But the car is probably the main one,” said Kerry. Panic-free lifeline to finance Hope drives food support through lockdown “I’ve got teenagers, middle ones, toddlers, and babies. I need the car for everything from shopping, school, and after-school dance lessons. There’s football games on the weekends, and training during the week,” said Kerry.

Over the last decade, Kerry has had the same NILS Coordinator at BaptistCare HopeStreet.

“Kevin has supported me across all of my houses. I was a single mum. I have a partner now, but I’ve had the loans to help me long before that. I moved up to four times. Kevin has been able to help me with furniture and in times of need along the way.”

*Names have been changed.

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