Community Development

The Community Development Program aims to support community members either living in social housing or sleeping rough, through a wide variety of activities. These aim to:

  1. Contribute to a healthy, integrated and empowered local community.
  2. Foster personal development and civic leadership amongst locals.
  3. Offer social services, support and sense of community through fostering an environment that encourages positive life developments for lasting change.


Outreach services available through our Community Development Programs include:

  • a community café
  • an opportunity shop
  • case management
  • advocacy
  • food support
  • housing support
  • central referral and meeting point


Our Community Spaces are managed by HopeStreet staff and community volunteers. These initiatives reach thousands of inner-city community members annually. It is through these avenues that we begin conversations, and get to know our community members.


Op Shop & Café Hours

Monday and Wednesday

9am – 1pm


9am – 3pm


Our current needs for the Cafe:

Cafe/Barista Assistant

Support is required for our cafe with some general hospitality understanding or experience. The opportunity is Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm and 9am to 3pm on Friday, and involves serving coffee and connecting with clients and the community.


Our current needs for the Op Shop:

OpShop Assistants and Sorters/Packers

Help is required to serve people who come into the Opportunity Shop. Volunteers will also assist in maintaining the shop stock and sorting the displays.

The Op Shop Sorters/Packers help sort through the donations received each week. The quality items are sorted and prepared for the shop Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm, and 9am to 3pm on Friday.



If you would like to donate to our Community Development programs, here are a list of our current needs:

Something warm:

  • blankets,
  • sleeping bags,
  • winter coats,
  • socks,
  • gloves,
  • beanies,
  • jumpers,
  • track pants,
  • sloppy joes and
  • singlets.


Something to eat:

  • tinned food, veggies and meals in a can (preferably with ring pull opening),
  • pasta, pasta sauce,
  • rice, sauce bases to make a meal,
  • soup,
  • long life foods,
  • tea, coffee and hot chocolate,
  • flavoured crackers, and
  • Up & Go or Sustagen Ready To Drink.