Interns - What They Do And Why?

“So what is it that you do as interns?” The question came to Mitch.

“Well we spend most of our time with people in HopeStreet’s Backshed Café,” he replied with some enthusiasm.

My heart sank a little as he said this. It wasn’t really the way I would have put it, but thankfully Mitch wasn’t finished.

“We meet people there and form relationships to kind of do life together. We’re there to minister to people, which means we first have to know them and be a continuing presence there.”

Mitch’s answer just got better. Building positive relationships through being present and making a conscious and determined effort to simply do life with some of Sydney’s most marginalised people is the key to our internship program.

Earlier this year our interns visited Melbourne for an Urban Mission Intensive Experience. During a visit to Urban Seed, the interns were told, “It is not appropriate to simply care for one’s soul, we have to look after a person in their entirety.” This is what excites me most as HopeStreet’s Urban Education and Engagement Specialist - watching our interns grasp this concept of care modelled by Christ and actively looking for ways to build the community in order to do urban mission.

The truth is our interns are actually doing a lot more than just spending time at the Café. They are constantly coming to me with new ideas and new concepts in how we can build a stronger more supportive community. They are seeing and actively listening to people in our community to discern what HopeStreet can do to help people create positive change in their lives. Our interns are embracing urban mission, intentionally living in the knowledge and love of Christ.

I have loved watching these outstanding young people be further developed and prepared for ministry. In facilitating HopeStreet’s Urban Internship Program, I see the ‘value add’ in both directions as we develop and grow together.

To find out more about HopeStreet Urban Education contact Ryan Naoum on 02 8061 1509 or email [email protected]

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