Matt`s Message Spring 2017

Growing Through The Seasons

As the winds of change blow through Sydney moving winter along to welcome in Spring, I find myself entering into a new season of life. Reflecting on these past three years serving as Missional Services Manager of HopeStreet, I am deeply grateful.

I am grateful for the staff that welcomed me and served diligently alongside me. I am thankful for our faithful donors, volunteers and partners that have stood the test of time. I am privileged to have had a small part in such a rich legacy and inspiring vision, joining you as a testimony to and instrument of hope.

I am proud of HopeStreet staff, their professional example of serving and loving, which honours the passion and humility of Christ. And I am proud of the many HopeStreet partners, their example of faithful relationship and sacrificial investment providing continued glimmers of hope in a world increasingly lost in momentary self-gratification, chasing wealth destined to devalue.

While I am no longer on staff at HopeStreet commuting to Woolloomooloo, HopeStreet will always be a part of me and I it. More than just a place, HopeStreet also represents a posture of the heart and broader community network. It’s the people and relationships I invested in and am deeply enriched by. I now look forward to reconnecting with you as one of HopeStreet’s faithful partners supporting the ongoing work of HopeStreet in our city of Sydney.

I have accepted a new position within BaptistCare, where I have the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned at HopeStreet, as part of a team developing more client centred systems and tools to positively impact how we facilitate Community Services across NSW and ACT. I am happy to introduce you to Bruce Chan, a friend, colleague and dedicated HopeStreet advocate, who will be journeying with you in this new season as HopeStreet’s new Manager. Some of you may remember Bruce from To The Top 2017 where he enthusiastically invested a week of annual leave to ride, raising awareness and four times the suggested minimum in funds for HopeStreet’s programs.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Bruce to HopeStreet, a place that honours the past while remaining relevant for today and tomorrow.



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