Matt's Message

Posted: 14/03/2017

We have kicked off this year with preparation for the year ahead, fresh enthusiasm, new goals, some dream projects on the way to being realised, a clear vision of achievements longed for being a reality.

One Thing

We have kicked off this year with preparation for the year ahead, fresh enthusiasm, new goals, some dream projects on the way to being realised, a clear vision of achievements longed for being a reality.


In a recent moment of reflection, I glanced over at my ‘to do’ list. I observed this list is now well over two pages! Whilst there is much to be done, each of these items leads to a better outcome in life for someone.   


This year in particular, I have been personally challenged to focus on the one thing that I could do better that impacts HopeStreet. One thing I could do better that impacts the community we serve and the people we meet. The wheels of HopeStreet continue to turn at a consistently fast pace and it’s easy to get lost in the work to be done.


The one thing that could impact the community could be asking ‘How are you?’…. really asking.

Maybe it’s listening with intent and taking the time not to respond with solutions, but to just listen, care and stay with that person just a little longer. Maybe it’s going the extra mile for someone. Maybe it’s just praying a little more often with and for the community we serve.


I’ve decided on consistently actioning the one thing that focuses me when overwhelmed by the maybes and that’s prayer. Prayer focuses, leads, directs, slows the pace down just enough to be brought to a place that shines a clear light on all the ‘maybes’ and to trust in God’s guidance.


‘How are you?’ – it’s a question we should not just seek to ask genuinely of others, but also of ourselves. It’s a time to pause, and give ourselves permission to take stock and reach out. It’s the question that has led to so many deep and meaningful connections – particularly at HopeStreet Woolloomooloo.

I ask that you consider this message, particularly if it resonates with you as you pray for HopeStreet. Please pray for our programs, services, staff, community, Woolloomooloo Baptist Church, finances and resources.  Pray for the wider community including the local council, politicians in our city and community organisations that we work with.  This I know will lead to one thing changing each and every day.  Just one thing changing will lead to a better impact on HopeStret, the community we serve and the people we meet.



Emergency Food Relief - Thankyou…. Stop press….


2017 has started with bang, as we have been absolutely inundated for requests for food supplies. Many of our families were struggling to put food on the table. We have not had this before and certainly not this early in the year.  Our emergency food store was totally depleted, so we sent a call out across our Facebook feed and website. Sydney has responded to help us fill up all our stock again. We once again have a full store room and families have food on their table. So Sydney, our support network and the HopeStreet Family - thankyou!




Christmas Hampers

In December we received incredible support, donations and volunteer help from across the HopeStreet family, churches, corporate groups, community and individuals. Everyone came together to deliver over 350 hampers to our inner city community.  One wonderful group of people collected hygiene products and handbags for women in our community. There was such a supply that a bus was needed to bring them over! It was such a blessing to be able to spoil the women in our HopeStreet community with lavish personal gifts. We had countless children’s gifts to give, which made a deep impact.  There is nothing better than knowing that a child received a special gift on Christmas morning.  A massive ‘Thank You’ from HopeStreet to every person, team and organisation that poured so much energy into the annual Christmas Hamper Appeal. It was a wonderful success.



One of the most rewarding aspects about fundraising is the opportunity to connect with people and tell the story of HopeStreet and what we do to transform lives.  I am so excited to share with you some of our new initiatives in fundraising.  Our Community Pet Clinic (see back page for more details) received such significant support that the program is fully funded for the next 12-18 months. 

At the end of our printed issue is an update on where we are up to with fundraising for our other projects. We are now tracking support via our fundraising thermometers.   

This year HopeStreet is behind on its fundraising targets, hopefully these stories and programs have inspired you to support the projects or the work of HopeStreet we would love your one off or monthly donations.  Please sign up today via or fill out the donation form on the last page.

If the start of this year is any indicator on the year ahead, I look forward to running it with you and sharing the journey as we go.