The Woolloomooloo Health Kick for 2017

Posted: 14/03/2017

The Woolloomooloo Health Kick for 2017

Community Development

In 2017, we are focusing on working with our clients to put their health first, including sticking to any plans provided by doctors or specialists. We know that if they are able to look after themselves and their own individual needs, this aids us in being able to help them with other issues they are facing.

For many people, investment in a consistent health regime, including taking their essential medication prescribed by a GP or specialist is impacted by their lack of funds to support it.

This can be due to

  • the sheer number of medications required,

  • the fact that  a drug is not included on the PBS making the cost prohibitive, or

  • the impact of a chaotic state ,making planning, budgeting and even locating a script difficult.


We have experienced clients coming to us in an agitated state having been without essential medication for several days. Often they only have enough money to cover rent, bills and groceries, where essential items such as medication, might be ignore due to having no money to fill a script.

Currently, HopeStreet is one of the only services who will try and assist with fulfilling scripts. As this is an unforseen need, we have not budgeted for it. It is a request we receive from different individuals multiple times a week and we are only able to assist if and when we can.

What we would like to do is provide consistent care to our clients, assisting them in looking after themselves and their individual needs. All requests are addressed by our staff on an individual basis to ensure that a comprehensive decision can be made each and every time a request is made.

If you would like to partner with us and the health of our community, please donate today.

All support is much appreciated.