Our Work

HopeStreet is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Woolloomooloo, committed to putting faith into action by providing compassionate care to marginalised inner-city residents. Many of HopeStreet’s community members are at risk of or experiencing homelessness, living with addiction, mental health, physical health and legal issues in addition to having diminished employment opportunities.

HopeStreet supports people of all ages; through our programs we empower people to confront complex issues and to explore pathways toward education, training and employment. HopeStreet directs help at the street level by building relationships with individuals in need, creating avenues of trust.

HopeStreet creates a space for real and lasting change in people who want to live their lives differently and we have developed core programs to support this work.

HopeStreet Gambling Help Sydney

Urban Education and Internship

Women's Services

HopeStreet Cleaning Services

Community Development

How do we work, intervene and support people we come across?

While each programme area uses dedicated professionals to provide quality compassionate care, HopeStreet offers a combination of direct, onsite support services and additionally has formed working partnerships with other Sydney organisations, for example: Matthew Talbot Hostel, Ozanam Learning Centre, Wayside Chapel, Reclink and OZ Harvest who are some of our partners. We work in tandem with these groups to help provide everything from legal services (The Law Kitchen), Haircutting (Elizabeth’s Hair Cutting) and social work to education programmes.

We also work to empower the Woolloomooloo community by encouraging volunteerism and advocacy at the street level,and many of our community members who have at one time in their lives been supported by HopeStreet have become active contributors to our growing social enterprises.