Permission To Shine

Many women struggle with self-worth and creating positive self-esteem. Whether it stems from insecurity, shame, comparing ourselves to impossible standards or rejection, having a low selfworth can pose a significant barrier in moving forward. For many of the women we work with, this is compounded because of life circumstances, histories of trauma or social stigma from their work choices. For too many of our women, it’s a combination of all three which is why we’ve been running the personal development course, ‘Shine’ with our women.

It’s an incredible opportunity for them to explore their own strengths, build new ones and encourage each other in a supportive environment. ‘Shine’ covers topics such as value, building confidence, being unique, power of choice, resilience and purpose. The impact of this course can be seen below in the words of our women:

‘I’m so glad I came, I feel brand new.’

‘It’s so good to be reminded that our worth is not linked to what we do or where we’ve come from. We are worthy because we are human.’

‘I’m going to look at myself every morning and tell myself that I am valuable and worthy, because that is what I am but it’s easy to forget.’

‘I love the feeling I get when I walk in here- it feels so peaceful and nice.'

'I can’t explain it, I just like it.’

Running workshops like ‘Shine’ are a vital part of the Women’s Services program. Every week we run two to three workshops which cover a variety of life skills and educational topics. They allow women to come together, build connections and share life moments in a safe and supportive environment.

In 2018 Women’s Services programs will be coming together in a new building, which will allow our services to expand with our growing connections. If you would like to hear more from our women, honouring their strength, worth and vulnerability, don’t miss the opportunity to sponsor and receive our Coffee Table Magazine. For more on this great initiative please contact Jess.

To find out more about HopeStreet Women’s Services contact Jess Davidson on 02 9331 7602 or email [email protected]

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