Our Penrith centre is a trusted provider in counselling services, offering emotional support to individuals, families and couples, by providing insight and strategies to empower and enhance people in their personal lives.

Our Counselling & Family Services are still operating, providing counselling appointments via phone or Zoom. Please call our team for an appointment: 1300 130 225

Significant trauma, broken relationships, stress and the inability to cope often leave people feeling they are in a hopeless situation.

Our team at Penrith seeks to provide professional counselling and family services to women, men and children assisting them to overcome the big and small trials in life, offering hope as they move forward. 

What we do

Living Beyond Abuse Support

Living Beyond Abuse is a support group for women who have experienced domestic and family violence.

Being a part of the group allows women to meet other women in similar situations, support each other, improve their self-esteem, reduce self-blame and explore options as they seek to rebuild their lives and find hope for the future.

Men’s Behaviour Change Program

Facing Up is a program for men who are seeking to move beyond their familiar destructive patterns and take responsibility for the abusive behaviour they use with their loved ones.
This includes becoming aware of the consequences and impact of their choices and behaviour on themselves, their partners and children.

The program is all about giving men the opportunity to be the father and partner that they really want to be, and to create safer and more respectful relationships.

Counselling & Relationships

We wholeheartedly believe that positive relationships have power to transform lives.

Our clinically trained staff provide counselling, relationship support programs and training in a range of specialised areas. We stand by our clients through their complicated life circumstances, including times of family separation, divorce, adolescence, depression, domestic violence, sexual abuse and suicide. This work is underpinned by the belief that each person is unique, loved by God and worthy of respect, dignity and inclusion. By respecting this individuality, we create safe environments where personal wellbeing can thrive.

Support for Care Workers

Our team at Penrith supports the wellbeing of care professionals, through our clinical and professional supervision services, ensuring that workers are well equipped and supported to continue the work they love to do most - helping others.

Domestic Violence Counselling

Helping women rebuild their lives and find hope for the future.

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